Our Core Service is Truckloads

VSS Transportation Group offers many over the road services but our core service is Truckloads. Our Truckload Services offer capacity through our asset-based fleet and our non-asset based network for your requirements. With over 250 trucks and over 350 trailers we are able to provide the capacity you need at competitive prices with exceptional customer service. Our tractor/trailer division includes the highest quality equipment and customer service, providing both local and long haul transports. Our services include:

  • Dedicated lane coverage with back haul savings options
  • Consolidation and load optimization to reduce transportation costs
  • Dedicated shuttle work
  • Same pick up and delivery
  • Trailer Storage Power Only

Dedicated Truckload

Our skilled Operations Team can tailor a seamless solution for both one way and continuous movement lanes. We are highly experienced in Dedicated Services offering state-of-the-art equipment, driver recruiting, and procss development services.

Expedited Services

Our Operations Team can cover your hot, time sensitive runs any day of the week. We are able to plan, reassign, and get creative with our own company drivers as well as our current team drivers. We can offer expedited service for those last second shipments.